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The Adopt a School program offers your congregation the opportunity to act as the hands and feet of Christ in the most neglected, yet most fruitful mission field in the world—children. Join hundreds of churches in Maryland and across the USA in taking “Sunday school to the public school”! There are 900 public elementary schools in Maryland and Good News Clubs are established in over 100 and growing! New clubs are continually opening. We are calling all Bible-believing churches across the state to step up to the plate and adopt their community school while the doors are still open! Smaller churches are connecting with other churches to adopt a school. Groups of individuals can also adopt one! There is much work yet to be done to take the Gospel to every elementary school in Maryland!

With a team of 5-8 people, you and your church have an unprecedented opportunity to:

• evangelize and disciple children and to make an impact on the next generation for Christ, and

• get students and their whole family connected to your local church expand your outreach and youth ministry within your community minister to the families of the children in a variety of ways.

Take the 90 minute challenge!

There are 10,080 minutes in a week. Are you willing to invest 90 minutes a week to make an eternal difference in the lives of children and their families?



1. Enlist a prayer team and begin to pray for the school you would like to adopt.
2. Invite a CEF representative to make a 15-minute presentation to your congregation to cast the vision of reaching children for Christ in your local elementary school through the Good News Club program.
3. Identify a team leader who will be the point person for the Good News Club and a liaison between CEF, the church and the school.
4. Recruit a team of between five and eight people who will be involved in the Good News Club ministry.
5. Attend all CEF required training sessions to prepare the team for their ministry.
6. Complete CEF’s Child Protection screening/sign Statement of Faith/Doctrinal Protection Policy/Worker’s Compliance Agreement.
7. Sign the Church Partnership Agreement with CEF.
8. Work with CEF to set up an appointment with the principal of the chosen elementary school and to submit all necessary paperwork (requirements vary by area).
9. Begin your Good News Club ministry when permission is granted. Reach children and families with the Gospel!


Several schools listed have an extensive relationship with Child Evangelism Fellowship.  


Abbotston Elementary School
Alexander Hamilton Elementary School
Arlington Elementary School
Ashburton Elementary School
Belair/Edison Elementary School
Calvin Rodwell Elementary School
Cecil Elementary School
Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School
Fallstaff Elementary School
Furley Elementary School
Gardenville Elementary School
Govans Elementary School
Grove Park Elementary School
Hilton Elementary School
Leithwalk Elementary School
Liberty Elementary School
Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School
Moravia Lower/Upper Schools
Mt. Royal Elementary School & Rec Center
Northwood Elementary School
Robert W. Coleman Elementary School
Sarah Roach Elementary School
Sinclair Elementary School
Walter P. Carter Elementary School
Wildwood Parkway Elementary School
William S. Baer School
Woodhome Elementary School


Chadwich Elementary School
Chase Elementary School
Deer Park Elementary School
Dogwood Elementary School
Elmwood Elementary School
Featherbed Elementary School
Fifth District Elementary School
Hebbville Elementary School
Hernwood Elementary School
Joppa View Elementary School
Lyons Mills Elementary School
New Town Elementary School
Oakleigh Elementary School
Randallstown Elementary School
Sandalwood Elementary School
Wellwood International Elementary School Winands Elementary School
Winfield Elementary School


Child Evangelism Fellowship wants to partner with you and your church to take the Gospel to over a million children in Maryland in the 4/14 Window who have never heard the life-giving message of salvation. There are over 900 public elementary schools in the state. Just imagine the impact for the Kingdom of God if each school was adopted by a Bible-believing church in its community. (There are far more churches than schools!) What a transformation we would see in our towns and cities! Whole families would be attending church and serving God.
Down through 80 years of effective ministry to children, Child Evangelism Fellowship has developed a proven Biblically-solid curriculum which applies Biblical truth to both the unsaved and saved child. The Good News Club program has been extremely successful at instilling a Biblical worldview in young lives.

Week after week during the school year, the Good News Club shares the message of salvation and disciples children in the Word of God. CEF provides all of the resources, legal counsel, and support for this outreach ministry. Many churches have seen children move from attendance at Good News Clubs to regular attendance at their church services. Mark Bouslog, Senior Pastor of Arlington Baptist Church, has witnessed first hand the positive impact of Good News Clubs on his church:

“I am excited as I see our members and young people involved each week in after school Good News Clubs in two elementary schools we have adopted. Many children have heard the authentic Gospel and some have visited our services as a result. We are just beginning to realize the potential of church growth through CEF.”

How is your church making the difference in the lives of children and families in your community? Your congregation has the great opportunity to act as the hands and feet of Christ in one of the most neglected missions fields –the children.

“Our membership has responded wonderfully, and those participating in the Good News Clubs are expressing sheer joy as they witness the Lord at work in them making an eternal difference in the lives of precious young children”. – David Gaines Sr., Senior Pastor, Manna Bible Baptist Church
When your church adopts a school, your members will be taking Sunday school to the public school! During the 90-minute club, five or more members of your congregation will have the blessing of sharing the Gospel, developing relationships with children, and making vital connections with families in your community. The children in your adopted school will hear the Gospel and your church will grow as we work together for the Kingdom of God!
Partner with CEF to impact the next generation with the Gospel! Together we can get the Bible into every elementary school in Maryland and impact children and families right in their community.
This is an amazing time in America’s history for Bible-believing churches to reach out to children with the permission of the Supreme Court. Time is short. We don’t know how long this window of opportunity will remain open.
Catch the vision. Seize the opportunity. Adopt your school and start a Good News Club today!



All Good News Club teams are required to complete these three areas of training.


This three-hour workshop is specifically designed for new Good News Club teams. As a setting for after-school programs, the public school presents unique opportunities and challenges. Team members will learn procedures for conducting a Good News Club in the public school venue from student arrival through dismissal, from set-up to clean-up. Team member roles, CEF’s Child Protection Policy, and organizational issues will be discussed.


These three-hour workshops orient Good News Club teaching teams to the curriculum series they will be teaching to the children during a five or six week period. Curriculum workshops are part of our coaching and mentoring program and are offered four times per year, since clubs are held for approximately 24 weeks per school year.


These one-day training events train new and existing Good News Club team members, as well as other children’s ministry workers, in how to be effective in their ministry with children. Topics can include Leading a Child to Christ, Counseling a Child for Salvation, Classroom Management, Teaching Review Games, Song Time in the Class Hour, Teaching Scripture Memory, Taking Your Club to the Next Level and more!


Don’t take our word for it …

It is the church’s desire to sponsor 10 new CEF Greater Baltimore schools. We’re  sponsoring the first Good News Club in the William S. Baer School for Special Needs Children.
Fall, 2019

Deacon Vincent McKennie

Colonial Baptist Church
Pastor Dr. Robert J. Anderson, Jr.

GNC has changed my life forever! Because of its careful instructor’s training,and  mentorship, I’ve matured not only in my growth and intimacy with God, but also with my understanding of how to relay God’s word to  the children.

Tyrod Haynes

Greater Baltimore Volunteer

I didn’t know I was sinning against God when I steal from my brothers and sisters. He asked for forgiveness and said he was going to tell his brother and sister that if they steal, it is a sin and God doesn’t like it.



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